Phone Psychics

Are you thinking about calling phone psychics? Got a burning question about your love life, your career or your life in general? Really need some sound, objective advice? No matter where you are in the world if you have access to a phone it’s now possible to connect anytime, any place with phone psychics.

The boom in phone psychics in recent years means that there are now more places than ever to get yourself an instant psychic reading, however it’s important to do a bit of research and preparation before you dive in to get the most out of your psychic reading.

How phone psychics work

There are usually two ways to get a psychic phone reading. The first involves calling up a psychic company’s customer service number to pre-arrange your reading. These readings are usually paid on your credit card and last for a specific amount of time; 20 to 30 minute readings are normal.

Some credit card readings allow for ‘extra time’ however you may be charged per extra minute for this. Your phone psychic usually lets you know when your allotted time is up and will ask if you want to continue, reminding you of the extra charges.

The second type of phone reading is the most instant and involves calling up a number that connects you directly to the psychic of your choice. Make sure you check the psychic’s availability schedule before you call.

How to get the most from your phone psychic readings

1. First of all check the credentials of your psychic. Do they seem experienced? How long have they been providing readings for? Is there any client feedback available for your psychic? When choosing a psychic company, rather than an individual reader, select a professional company and check for evidence that their phone psychics are regularly tested on their abilities.

2. Phone psychics offer different types of readings so make sure you read the bio of your chosen psychic. Some work with tarot or angel cards, others provide astrology or numerology based readings and others are mediums who are able to connect with those who have passed over. Make sure you know the type of reading your psychic gives to avoid disappointment.

3. If you want your psychic to address a particular issue that is bothering you, rather than a more general reading, prepare your questions beforehand. Write them down if necessary. You will get more from your reading if your questions are clear rather than vague.

4. Make sure you take a short amount of time to get into a calm state of mind before you call. It’s better to be able to sit down somewhere quiet and avoid wandering around doing other chores. This helps your psychic to make a connection with you. Switch off the television and make sure other members of your family or household won’t interrupt your reading.

5. If you feel that your phone psychic has not made a connection with you simply thank them for their time and try to end the call as quickly as possible so you don’t waste your money. This occasionally happens and is nothing to be concerned about. Don’t be afraid to try another phone psychic or call up the company's customer service team to explain what happened. A reputable company will be happy to arrange a new reading for you.


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